Trusting Your Local Surgeons

For some reason there seems to be somewhat of a stigma in regard to local doctors and surgeons when it comes to abilities and eventual outcomes of procedures. Dr Joseph Racanelli implied, there is lots of publicity that references famous specialists at this hospital or that hospital, being at the top of their fields, and the remarkable work that they do.

For the most part, however, for routine surgical procedures, a local surgeon is just as capable and competent in getting the job done, and in getting you through recovery and back home in order to lead the rest of your life successfully.

It must be kept in mind that even the rudimentary of the surgical profession have to spend years and years of in depth medical study by going to medical school, and then countless hours in training to become a surgeon. The skills that are involved pertain to the minute details of the anatomy and the inner workings of the human body to such degree that it almost boggles the mind.

Even open heart surgery is routinely done in most American hospitals, almost as a routine matter of course. Everything from eyes surgery, minor surgery, foot surgery and everything in between is handled with great skill in most hospitals across the United States.

Do bad things still happen? Of course, the answer is yes, but the incidence is so small that you are more susceptible to death or injury mowing your lawn than having a problem having surgery from a qualified, board-certified surgeon in one of the hospitals in the United States.

Over the past 50 years, modern surgical techniques have advanced light years from where they were prior to that. With CT scans, laser and robotic surgical techniques and other modern approaches to the science, our abilities to isolate and find the problem have become so sophisticated that the results are nearly foretold every time someone goes “under the knife.”

Diagnostic techniques are so much more sophisticated, as are recovery remedies, so the chances of a patient having post operative complications are considerably less than they used to be.

There is still the fact that major surgery is an invasion of the body proper, and while it is a shock to the body, the recovery and therapy periods are so well handled in such a capable way that there is no reason not to trust your local surgeon.

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