The Benefits Of Residential Window Tinting

As energy prices continue to rise, more and more homeowners are looking for ways to save on their utility bills. While most people opt to add insulation to their residential places, switch to energy saving bulbs and even replacing old appliances with eco-friendly ones, most do not always consider the amount of energy lost through the windows. In fact, 30 percent of the conventional homes heating and cooling are lost through inefficient window treatments and even the window themselves. While an amount of this might be lost as a result of air leakage through windows, a good portion of the loss is by heat flowing through the glass and frame.

Well, a good way of reducing this energy loss is by replacing the windows with new energy efficient ones, but let’s face it, not everybody can afford to replace all the windows in their homes. However, there is an alternative that has gained so much popularity and it’s residential window tinting.

The Benefits of Window Tint As Insulation

During the colder months, tinting helps in preventing heat from escaping through windows. The tint acts as an additional layer of insulation, thus preventing heat loss through the glass while still allowing enough light from outside to keep the inside of your house bright.

During the warmer months, heat from the sun can enter through the windows of your home, causing your air conditioner to work even harder in keeping your house cool. Window tint blocks as much as 99% of harmful Ultraviolet Rays. The combination of the insulation effect and the window’s tint, coupled with its ability to block some of the light helps to keep the outside heat from entering through the glass and keeps the cool air inside from escaping.

The tint insulation properties helps equalize your home’s temperature, relieving your heating and cooling systems of hard work in maintaining your preferred temperature. This will not only reduce your energy costs, but it will also make your home more comfortable by removing the huge temperature fluctuations.

Also, tints van add a level of security to your house by acting as a one way mirror. People outside are unable to see into your house, but you can be able to see outside. Ideally, as window tint is a film added to your window glass, it can help prevent the windows from shattering.

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