Simple Aquarium Maintenance Tips

Owning an aquarium stocked with your favorite types of fresh water fish can be quite interesting. You get to look after your pet fish in an eco-system that you create and maintain. It is however worth noting that maintaining an aquarium stocked with fish is no easy fete. To keep the fish healthy and looking great, you will need to take great care of the aquarium.

To make your work easier, use the aquarium maintenance tips listed below shared by a worker from to keep your aquarium, and the fish within, in top condition.

Preparing The Tank For Fish

Tropical fish can be challenging to care for, but a few easy tips will get your aquarium running smoothly. Getting the aquarium ready for the incoming fish is the first aquarium maintenance task owners have to complete. Before adding any fish to the aquarium, it’s essential for you to create the right environment. This is achieved through cycling.

This process entails growing microorganisms in the fish water. The organisms are meant to breakdown waste and create a healthy living environment for your new pets. Cycling supplies may come with the fish tank or be purchased separately are a pet store. Cycling should be done for at least a week before fish are introduced into the aquarium.

Dealing With Algae

As soon as you get your aquarium running, algae will start to grow. This green stuff will grow continuously, on just about any surface within the fish tank. There are different ways to keep algae in check, and prevent you fish tank from being completely covered with this slimy green stuff.

If you have a small aquarium, consider adding plecostomus, a type of fish that feeds on algae, to the mix. However, for larger aquariums, you might have to take matters into your own hands and clean out the algae using a scrapper or scrubber. Be sure to do this before the weekly water change.

Weekly Water Change

Changing about a third to two thirds of the water in the aquarium each week will help maintain a healthy environment for the fish. You can scrape the bottom of the fish tank with the siphon being used, or a specially designed vacuum, to clean out any waste.

The Filter

The filter is by far one of the most important parts of the aquarium. Filters come with a variety of parts that wear out with time and need replacement. Since the components are covered in algae and contribute to the environmental balance, it’s recommended that they are changed one at a time to avoid upsetting this balance.

With the above aquarium maintenance tips in mind, you will have an easier time keeping your pet fish in the healthiest of living conditions.

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