Is It Difficult To Obtain A Same Sex Divorce?

While same sex marriages aren’t exactly a new concept, it wasn’t long ago that it became a federal decree so to speak. That has led many people, including my sister, to finally get marImage result for same sex couplesried. Of course, the federal law is one thing, and then you have how each individual state handles those unions. The changes to the laws that have been made in recent years certainly bring up many questions.

It remains to be seen if same sex divorce rates are going to mirror the divorce rates of traditional marriages. However, a same sex divorce attorney said you can imagine that there are going to be many divorces. How are these going to be handled? It’s something that honestly I never thought of when everything first started changing. I don’t think many people thought of it because most of them were just pushing for equal rights. Of course, with marriage comes divorce these days for many unions, which is unfortunate.

The Supreme Court ruling on same sex marriages on a federal level did make it easier for people to get married, but as you may have seen in the news over the last couple of years, it’s not always black and white or cut and dry. As you can imagine, it can likely only get a little stickier when it comes to divorce. It’s not just the basic concept of divorce that comes into play.

All kinds of things are now in play. While they may be the same things that are in play for regular Image result for same sex couples divorcemarriages, you can imagine that the courts are walking a fine line when it comes to promoting equality. If you don’t think so, consider a child custody case between a man and a man or a woman and a woman. There are already biases out there when it comes to traditional couples, and history has shaped those biases. How does it work when things like this happen between same sex couples?

It’s very interesting to think about. Are you facing a divorce right now? If you are, then you are living during a period of history when all of this is rather new to same sex couples. You likely have many questions, and you’re going to need an attorney that is ‘in the know’ when it comes to dealing with these types of cases. That is the key, finding a competent attorney that can guide you through the divorce process.

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