Community ENT Services Help The Uninsured Get Medical Attention

Do you have health insurance? Maybe you’re younger like me and up until recently, you really hadn’t really thought about it as much as you should. Millions of people are out there and uninsured, and so where do they go when they’re sick? They can go to the emergency room, but they’re going to get charged a ton of money. That of course makes people not check into an emergency room unless they are in dire straits.

Image result for ENT Community servicesTo go to a regular doctor’s office without insurance isn’t affordable for many people out there. That is where community ENT services step in to help those people out there that are uninsured. Now, you don’t have to be uninsured to use their services, but it is a service that helps uninsured people get a chance to visit an Ear, Nose, & Throat physician. What does ENT stand for? It stands for ear, nose and throat, which means you can visit these centers regarding any matters of the ear, nose and throat.

If you were to poll an emergency room and find out how many of the patients that check in are uninsured, what do you think the numbers would be? At one hospital that I’m looking at right now, it says that their uninsured numbers for one year in recent history were 23 percent of the total emergency room visits to that hospital. That’s almost a quarter of that local population that can benefit from community ENT services so they don’t owe thousands to the hospital’s emergency room.

With numbers like that, you can imagine that these community services not only help the uninsured but help the hospitals as well. There is something extremely wrong with our healthcare system, and most everyone agreesImage result for ENT Community services with that. What is the answer? Who knows, but I do know this. It’s places like this that make everything look a little brighter for those that feel like they have the short end of the stick.

Up until this year, I wasn’t able to afford health insurance. I now have insurance, but I know full well what it’s like to be uninsured. I’ve been to the local health clinics before, and I’ve also been to the emergency room. If you’re thinking about using these services, take a look at the conditions that are treated. Hopefully, there is one of these places near you so that you can check in and get the help you need.

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